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D_space is a privately held certified woman-owned business. D_space is a faith-based firm ground in right relationships, personalizing fair practices, work ethics, principles, integrity, collaboration and missionary works.

Our primary design strength lies in our approach to interior architecture. We focus on technical detailing and demonstrate architecturally integreated design programs and solutions. For the most part, our design style is pure yet textural, simple, tailored, modern, elegant and timeless.

All projects must align the design vision, funding and management with functional organization of space and compelling and environmental solutions

We offer the customization of a collaborative team of diverse design-related specialists, which will satisfy specific client and project needs. This has proven to be an efficient, cost effective service for our clients and management processes, contributing to long-term successful business relationships. We succeed in both large complex projects as well as boutique-sized projects. The design vision is executed with the utmost compassion and always in the best interest of the client and their patrons

Sun Microsystems

Okkwon led the design team of Hong Kong Gensler for the Sun Microsystem project in Seoul Korea to develop design scheme in 6 weeks. The project is significant in terms of implementing the hoteling concept for the professional staff within the organization to maximize the realestate.


Nikken is a Japanese healthcare product manfacturer's headquarter in Irvine, CA.

This shot is the administration area of the executive suite.